Cortizo Bi-folding Doors

7 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Doors for Your Property

If you are wanting to replace a door or multiple doors in your home because of general wear and tear or because you want to update the look of your property, you may be weighing up the pros and cons of each type of door material. As you are probably aware, you have three choices…
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Flat Roof Windows: A Buying Guide

Whether you have already decided to invest in flat roof windows and would like some more information on how to choose the best style for your home, or if you are still undecided about whether or not this design feature is the right choice for you, the below buying guide will be able to answer…
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Social Distancing Screens will go out shortly

We are ready to solve your social distancing problems

Need Social Distancing Screens For Your Restaurant, Shop, or Gym? With lots of companies currently preparing for reopening, it is important to make sure that you are ready for new social distancing rules.  

6 Ways to Use Internal Steel Screens in Your Home

6 Ways to Use Internal Steel Screens in Your Home   If you are looking for an innovative and unique way to update your home, then look no further than our internal steel screens and doors. Edgy, versatile, and incredibly sturdy, this style of the frame allows you to create different areas within your property…
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Choosing Timber Windows For Your Home

Choosing Timber Windows For Your Home: Everything You Need to Know Whether you live in a period property or a modern new build, choosing to replace your current windows with new timber ones may be the best decision you ever make. Think about what you want from your windows. Durability is most likely high up…
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Our Finest Aluminium Doors

Our Finest Aluminium Doors Aluminium as a building material enables some of the sleekest and most sophisticated construction options for new-builds and homes with renovations underway. With strength and fortitude built in to our aluminium doors, they’re able to open space onto your patio or into your garden with beautiful one-pane windows. So, whether you’re…
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Why Choose Timber Windows?

Why Choose Timber Windows? The look and feel of a timber window frame combines a timeless British charm with the practicality of a variety of different window mechanisms. Buried within each window, we use our modern, cutting-edge technology to ensure that the frames of your windows – and the glazed panes themselves – are perfect…
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New Development

Whole house fitted with our Timber Windows and Skylights.  

Windows Delivery

Another happy developer with our Slim Line Sliding Doors!

Are you looking for high quality windows and doors in competitive price? Contact us today [email protected]  

Happy Easter

For our customers, partners, employees and their families we wish happy Easter and great view to the future! From the whole DM Window Solutions Team

Steel Doors

Steel doors allow you to cleverly partition open areas to create different zones, without compromising on light or space.

Windows Delivery

All of our manufactures and deliveries are working as usual.

Due to the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), we just want to let you know that all of our manufactures and deliveries are working as usual and we are happy to take new orders.

Grand Designs

We are very proud to be featured in “Grand Designs” on Channel 4 this Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 9pm

Skylights at your fingertips…

It has never taken us long to convince prospective customers that our skylights are second to none, but now there is no stopping them from buying. Last year our flat roof windows enjoyed unprecedented popularity. We wanted to capitalise on that and made it even easier for you to get that skylight you always wanted!…
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Property transformed

This bespoke development is worth noticing due to its extensive scope and postmodern style – a mixture of sophistication and simplicity at the same time. ADE Architecture invited us to participate in this extraordinary project of a total renewal of this property. They had a vision that could only be realised by us participating in…
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DM Flush Casement Windows

The most popular of aesthetic tasks if you aim at improving the value of your house are, as expected, carried out to the exterior of a property, which is the first place seen by the public and potential buyers. By providing our Clients in Twickenham (Greater London) with flush casement windows in such awe-inspiring quality…
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Seeing blue sky in your dream skylight

We have recently finished a new project in Wimbledon SW19, where we installed 2 large flat roof windows with solar-reflective glass in grey tint. Skylights consisting of glass with solar-reflective properties are becoming more and more popular on the market due to the fact that high performance solar control glass with advanced thermal insulation properties…
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Architectural aluminium & glass

Over the past few years our presence in the residential construction sector in London and Surrey has been noticed and appreciated. We have been working consistently alongside successful and well-known architects, developers and contractors. The joint aim is always to bring the highest possible satisfaction to our clients. The above example shows the project we…
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Simple automatic possibilities for ventilation

We have recently finished a very sophisticated new project in aluminium in central London consisting of doors and windows with inwards openings. It features windows that open electronically. We used high performance chain drive from GEZE – ECchain that gives us ventilation at 230 V suitable for private residential buildings. The integrated stroke setting option…
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DM Skylights: transforming properties old & new

DM Flat Roof Windows are all manufactured in the UK, in our workshop in SW19. By buying our skylights you receive excellent products & long-term guarantees. Durability, fantastic insulation value and contemporary look at any colour with no extra costs within 2-3 weeks. All included in the price! Our skylights are believed to be one…
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Blinds between glass pane

We added a new product to our offer – Magnet and Electrically Operated Blinds. We offer a versatile and stylish means of privacy and observation on a small, medium or large scale – brought to you by the leading manufacturer of glazed observation panels. You can check full range offer in our product catalogue.

Angel Ventlock – child safety product

Every year thousands of children fall through open windows and permanently injure or kill themselves. These incidents are regularly reported in the news. Angel Ventlocks can be easily integrated into window structure and they are very effective at low cost.

Do you know why & how fungi can damage your timber windows?

Blue Stain & Soft Rot Blue stain is one of the so called discolouring fungi, because it forms visible, black & blue stains. The blue stain does not decay the wood itself, but it looks very unpleasant and it paves the way for other fungi that do decay wood (soft rot). They perforate the cell…
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Aluminium Sliding Doors

It looks like Sliding Doors took over Sliding-Folding Doors! More and more Customers, who wish to have modern aluminium doors with large glass surfaces for their extensions, are looking favourably at the sliding only solution. Even 2 years ago, the majority of people would go for Bi-Folding Doors without any hesitation at all. Clearly, we…
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Our statistics

Our statistics show that in October we sold a record number of our Flat Roof Windows so far this year. The demand was so high that we were forced to lengthen our typical lead time from 2-3 weeks to 3-4 weeks. Our happy Customers, however, were willing to wait an extra week for this excellent…
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We Accept Visa & MasterCard

Visa and MasterCard are both widely accepted in over 20 million cash machines and 150 countries worldwide. It is rare to find a location that would not accept them. As we work on meeting our clients expectations, from now on we accept the Visa and MasterCard

Opening Flat Roof Window

Coming soon – Opening Flat Roof Window We are planning to launch a new range of openable flat roof windows soon. We took this step as a result of a very positive feedback from our existing Clients, who are highly impressed with our fixed flat roof skylights and suggested that this product could be even…
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Bullet-resistant glass

Bullet-resistant glass At first glance, bullet-resistant glass looks identical to an ordinary pane of glass, but that’s where the similarities end. An ordinary piece of glass shatters when struck by a single bullet. Bullet resistant glass is designed to withstand one or several rounds of bullets depending on the thickness of the glass and the…
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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility Timber we use for our windows and doors come from well managed, sustainable forests and are specially selected for their high quality and fine grain. They bring natural beauty, energy efficiency, warmth and long durability into your home. We use European pine as softwood and oak as 1st class hardwood. They come from…
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Interesting fact

Interesting fact When glass breaks the cracks on the glass move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. A camera would have to shoot at a millionth of a second to catch it.

‘Secured by Design’ locks to our sash windows

Free upgrade to all sash windows. We have enhanced the aesthetics and security of our sash windows by featuring them with new ironmongery. All of them have now upgraded, ‘Secured by Design’ locks in standard. All included in price! Please click on the image to see all available colour options.

CE MARKING – legislation change is here!

Mandatory joinery legislation change from 1st July 2013. From the 1st of July 2013 all construction products covered by a harmonised European Standard need to have a Declaration of Performance made and be CE marked in accordance with these requirements covering that product when placed on the market. The Declaration of Performance is a legal…
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We care

We are proud to support Children’s Safety Education Foundation. The CSEF is a national charity committed to reducing the number of child victims through the provision of interactive safety education.

Aquinna Court project

Our windows in one of London’s most desirable residential areas. Thanks to the generosity of Aquinna Homes, we can now share with everyone the photos from their project in Earl

New Locks For Our Sash Windows

We have improved the aesthetics and security of our sash windows by featuring them with new ironmongery. We are constantly improving the design of our windows. Some of our recent Clients would already have windows with our new ironmongery. New locks for sash windows not only look much better but they also mean enhanced security…
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The International Year of Forests

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as The International Year of Forests. The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as The International Year of Forests to raise public awareness of the challenges facing many of the world

New Flat Roof Windows

Just started Flushglaze Flat Roof Windows production using our completely new, re-designed aluminum profile. New features and improved structure.

Marble Hill Gardens

Building project at Marble Hill Gardens almost done! Internal works finished.

Earls Court Road Project Started

Windows delivery and starting installation works to Earls Court Road project

Cylinder & Dome project in Notting Hill

Starting installation works of steel and glass Cylinder & Dome project in Notting Hill