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Rationel, a premier window and door brand in Europe, has earned its reputation for quality and innovation through over six decades of product innovation and development. With a strong distributor network, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry. Founded in Denmark in 1954, Rationel is now part of the DOVISTA Group, a consortium of top window and door companies. The company’s global reach is impressive, with over 350,000 windows produced and delivered worldwide each year.

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Rationel windows and doors are ideal for:


Renovations and refurbishments – replace old or poorly performing glazing with stylish, well-made, long lasting windows and doors.
Extensions – new windows for new projects to ensure excellent insulation, durability and in a style to match your existing home.
Both traditional and modern homes – with two window styles available, classic and contemporary, every home can enjoy the benefits of Rationel windows and doors.
Scandinavian inspired homes – windows and doors with an emphasis on light-filled rooms, solid craftsmanship and an elegant finish.



For modern and contemporary homes, an ideal window features a sleek, flat frame that delivers clean lines and a flush finish, creating a Scandi-style look that complements any room. You may opt to enhance the appearance with glazing bars for additional detail, or keep it simple yet stunning with beautiful, uninterrupted glass.



FORMA and FORMAPLUS windows are designed to perfectly complement traditional British architecture. They feature timeless details such as bevelled edges and angled glazing beads, making them a perfect fit for classically styled homes or older properties. To add the perfect finishing touch, optional glazing bars are also available.



Looking to make a statement with your home’s entrance? Look no further than Rationel doors. Our extensive selection of designs, colors, and finishes ensures that you can find the perfect door to match your unique lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer the sleek lines of flush or glazed doors, or the elegant simplicity of patio doors, Rationel has something for everyone.

For a contemporary look, consider our AURA or alu-clad AURAPLUS doors. If you prefer a more traditional style, our FORMA or alu-clad FORMAPLUS doors are a great option. Regardless of your choice, you can rest easy knowing that all of our doors are crafted from high-quality materials that meet rigorous Secured by Design standards. With Rationel, you can trust that your door is not only beautiful, but also incredibly secure and durable.


RATIONEL windows & doors – in detail

Impressive durability

With an expected lifetime of 60 years, all-timber AURA and FORMA windows offer impressive durability. For added peace of mind, and for more demanding locations, choose AURAPLUS or FORMAPLUS. Both feature an alu-clad external frame which adds 20+ years to your windows, and only needs minimal maintenance.

Cosy and quiet

Stay warm and cosy with Rationel. Choose from double or triple glazing to help achieve the ideal comfort level in every room. Excellent insulation also means great noise reduction, so add peace and quiet to the list of Rationel benefits.

Protect the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint, and your energy bills, with energy efficient windows. Beautiful slim frames (made from FSC®-certified wood) are designed to increase daylight and Rationel windows also carry the Danish ‘Indoor Climate Label’, proof that they won’t release toxic substances after they’re installed.

Safe as houses

All Rationel outward opening windows meet Secured by Design standards, which means they are designed to withstand a typical burglar’s attempt to break into your home. Features such as extra strong ironmongery, laminated glass and multi-point locking all help keep you safe and secure.

Windows tailored to your home

Rationel windows are manufactured to order so make every window your own. Choose from a range of different opening types, and from an impressive palette of colours and finishes – you can even select a different colour inside and out. And don’t forget the glass – if you need more privacy or security, greater solar control, better noise protection, or even brightly coloured panels, we have the options to choose from.

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