6 Ways to Use Internal Steel Screens in Your Home

6 Ways to Use Internal Steel Screens in Your Home

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6 Ways to Use Internal Steel Screens in Your Home


If you are looking for an innovative and unique way to update your home, then look no further than our internal steel screens and doors. Edgy, versatile, and incredibly sturdy, this style of the frame allows you to create different areas within your property without compromising on space or natural light.

The only problem is – how do you choose where do place these contemporary partitions?

From installing a steel-framed shower screen in your bathroom to choosing a more affordable aluminium screen as a statement feature within your open plan kitchen/dining room, keep reading to find out the latest and most significant ways to use steel internal screens in your home.

1.   As an industrial-style room divider

If you are looking for a contemporary and stylish way to separate your kitchen and dining space from your hallway, then a steel or aluminium our internal screens is the ideal solution. Modern, sleek and powder coated in your desired colour, although black is the most popular choice, the Internal Steel Solutions is guaranteed to act as a conversation starter in your home.

2.   As a stylish shower screen

Who doesn’t want to create a spa-like experience in their bathroom or wet room? Fortunately, with an internal screen, this fantasy can easily become a reality. With the ability to work well in a large room as well as a more compact one, choosing to install a steel shower screen will instantly add a utilitarian vibe to your bathroom.

Plus, due to their light and inclusive nature, your new shower screen will be able to successfully add an element of separation without being too overpowering.

3.   As a subtle separator

If you want to keep the open style layout of your home but also want a way to preserve the character of each independent room, a more subtle and demure steel screen may be the answer. By creating a small barrier, you will have the opportunity to style each room with different furniture if you so wish, while still maintaining a light and vast space.

4.   As a basement enhancer

It can be challenging to discover ways to lighten up a basement extension and create a space that you and your family actually want to spend time in. Thankfully, an internal glass partition screen or window can do just this. By placing your glass partition by the stairs, you will instantly be able to maximise the infiltration of light into the room and increase the usability of the space.

5.   As a hallway extender

A hallway is an excellent feature for any home, having the ability to seamlessly connect the rooms in your home, as well as being an excellent space for incorporating more storage options. That being said, it is all too easy for your hallway to become cramped, cluttered and unattractive. If this is the case, steel screens or doors can instantly make your hallway feel more spacious and stylish.

6.   As a conservatory barrier

If you are considering clearly separating your conservatory from another room in your home, then an internal steel screen is the perfect product for you. With ultra-slim slight lines and a contemporary feel, steel screens work perfectly with a modern conservatory, complementing the glazed roof and abundance of natural light.

If you would like more info on our Internal Steel Solutions and how they can improve the appearance of your home and add value to it, please do not hesitate to get in touch here today.

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