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VELFAC, a leading manufacturer of composite windows and doors in the UK, was established in Denmark more than half a century ago. With a remarkable reputation as ‘daylight engineers’, VELFAC is part of VKR Holding, a multinational organization that provides premium windows and doors. Together with sister company VELUX, VELFAC aims to offer windows and doors that promote a healthy indoor environment by providing fresh air, daylight, and improved climate control.
Founded in Denmark over 50 years ago, VELFAC is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of composite windows and doors. VELFAC has an unrivalled reputation as ‘daylight engineers’. Together with sister company VELUX, VELFAC is part of VKR Holding, an international group supplying high quality windows and doors designed to deliver fresh air, daylight and a better indoor climate.


VELFAC composite glazing – overview:


VELFAC composite windows and doors combine low maintenance external aluminium with natural internal timber, and are renowned for their contemporary style, impressive durability, excellent insulation, and secure and sustainable design. The slim frame maximises natural light, and uniform sightlines give every unit an identical external appearance. All VELFAC windows are manufactured bespoke, and each frame element can feature a different finish.

Key features and benefits

– The windows have a durable aluminium sash and a natural timber inner frame
– They have a contemporary design, suitable for new build homes and ‘grand   designs’
– The windows are available in double or triple glazing
– The windows have low U-values, ensuring excellent insulation, with triple glazed units having a U-value of 0.8W/m2K
– The frames have ultra-slim 54mm frames that maximize daylight
– The windows are ‘Secured by Design’ approved for added security
– Every frame is made to measure
– The windows have uniform sightlines, resulting in a seamless external facade
– Different frame finishes can be chosen for the inside and outside of the windows
– Casement, sliding, and bi-parting patio doors are also available.


VELFAC is the ideal glazing solution for any home, and especially:

Self-build / architect designed projects featuring high quality, stylish materials

‘Grand designs’ which fully exploit the design versatility of the VELFAC system

Beautiful views and outstanding locations which can make the most of extra-large VELFAC windows which also offer impressive weather resistance

Sustainable, low energy homes built to Passivhaus principles or for zero carbon living


Why not complement your VELFAC windows with a VELFAC entrance door? VELFAC entrance doors are crafted from durable aluminium and inner pine, offering a robust yet stylish addition to your home. They come in a variety of modern designs, including plain or grooved flush doors, fully glazed options, or those with glazed apertures. All VELFAC entrance doors boast the ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation, ensuring optimal safety with features such as internal beading that prevents external removal of glazing, multi-point locking, and exceptional construction strength. Additionally, VELFAC doors can be paired with VELFAC 200 windows to create an elegant glazed entrance screen.

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The VELFAC 200 windows & doors – in detail

Composite frame

The signature VELFAC frame combines durable external aluminium with natural, welcoming internal timber. By placing the moving aluminium sash directly in front of the fixed timber frame the window delivers a ‘floating sash’ effect, further emphasised by the recessed weather seal. The slim frame maximises natural light while uniform sightlines deliver an identical external appearance for every window unit, irrespective of opening function, manual or motorised operation, or whether double or triple glazed.

Low maintenance design

Proven to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, the external aluminium frame also never needs repainting for the lifetime of the installation.

Thermal performance

VELFAC windows offer U-values as low as 0.8W/m2K for triple glazed units. The slim frame contributes to excellent thermal (and acoustic) insulation as glass is a better insulator than the frame.


Sustainability is fundamental to the VELFAC design philosophy. All materials used are responsibly sourced, wood treatments are water-based, and every window unit is 93% re-usable.


VELFAC 200 windows are Secured by Design approved and offer a range of security features including internal glazing beads (to prevent the external removal of glass panes), and multi-point locking systems. The external aluminium frame is also highly resistant to forced entry.

Glass options and accessories

VELFAC offers a range of glazing options to customise window performance, including a selection of opaque designs for added privacy and security. VELFAC-designed handles, hinges, restrictors and other accessories are also available.

Frame finishes

The standard VELFAC frame features polyester-powder coated external aluminium and painted or lacquered internal timber. The frame can be finished in different colours inside and out in any of the full range of RAL colours, or in a granite or anodised coating (aluminium only).


VELFAC offers a 12 year comprehensive product warranty on all windows, and five years on all casement, sliding, and external doors.

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