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Rooflights for flat roofs

Our high performance skylight is a perfect solution for properties with flat roofs or a slope no more than 35 degree. They are designed using a unique aluminium profile with a double-glazing unit of your choice and a set of weatherseals to make an integral, one piece rooflight. It’s powder coated in any colour of your choice.

Our skylight is ideal for letting maximum light flood into any building. At the same time it provides clean, minimalist finish both inside and outside. The flush, frameless design ensures efficient drainage of rainwater to prevent pooling as well as makes a very appealing, contemporary impression. No internal frames or glazing bars are present which could reduce visible light and/or create insulation cold spots.

Condensation within the flat roof skylights’ sealed unit is impossible due to the warm edge, non-metallic spacer bar. Our attention to detail, especially with the silicone finish is second to none! Primarily for Clients appreciating top quality products in great prices.

Flat Roof Windows – Skylights

Numerous buildings have flat roofs, giving you plenty of opportunity to enhance the look of your home. Our skylights have been developed in order to allow as much daylight inside your homes as possible. These unique aluminium structures can blend in perfectly with any roof, offering a sleek, modern look along with all the functionality and light a roof window offers. Additionally, our roof windows and skylights will allow you to save a lot of energy, as they help reduce U-Values. As they are manufactured in bespoke sizes, you have great variety in your selection.



When it comes to installation, regardless whether you wish us to install skylight(s) or you have another company to do it, we are not selling ready upstands at the moment. Therefore, the upstand would have to be prepared prior to the scheduled installation. For builders wishing to assemble an upstand and secure a skylight on top, we are happy to provide free of charge advice. Please, do contact us for more detailed information.

Brighten your home and give yourself some amazing views by installing skylights

Properly selected and installed skylight can also help you reduce your heating, cooling and lighting costs noticeably.

We install them into almost any kind of roof, be it a new or existing one. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, always making sure they become an integral part of both the interior and exterior of your house. We base our services on the best technologies available, and our team of professionals will help you select the right skylight based on your requirements, local climate and the design of your home. 

All in all, they are a perfect choice for environment-friendly, energy-efficient as well as stylish modern and spacious homes and offices.

Your Choice of Great Insulation

All of our windows come with double-glazing as standard, but for our aluminium skylight, we have a variety of other great glass options to help you customise your skylight to best suit your home. Opt for triple-glazing for further insulation, solar glass to protect from the sun, or even obscure glass to improve privacy. All glass options are self-cleaning thanks to the design of the frame.

Regardless of which option you choose, you are guaranteed exceptional energy saving performance thanks to the Argon fill, UV-blocking layer, and double safety toughened glass that works to reduce the U-Values and improve insulation in your home.

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