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COVID19 pandemic has changed the way our world functions. Our new normal has forced us to isolate from people and for a number of businesses to close during times of lock down. During this global pandemic, the main concern, especially for business owners is how to maintain social distancing while still running a successful business. Our solution to maintain the greatest safety, during this epidemiological situation are social distancing screens also sometimes called COVID19 screens. Our screens limit the possibility of horizontal transmission and are the ideal solution for commercial and public sectors, such as hospitals, stadiums, exhibitions, and concert arenas. Our 5 manufacturing factories have been adapted to produce the screens in order to assure quick execution of high-capacity orders.

Social Distance Screen manufacturers – COVID19 Protection Screens

One solution in order to safely re-open your business and operate throughout the crisis is our custom-made freestanding antibacterial screen. Our screens come in two options: Plexiglas and tempered glass.

Social distance screen benefits: 

  • Easy to clean and move around
  • Stable & reliable construction, powder-coated steel
  • Wide range of colours to match your company
  • Bespoke modern design
  • High quality that is suitable for both interior & exterior spaces


Guidelines for using social distance screens:

We strongly recommend using social distance screens in places where it is hard to implement distancing of 2m apart. Social distance screens can help lower the risk of transmitting COVID19. Social distancing screens are useful in public environments, customer-facing businesses as well as offices. They allow people to interact more safely.

It is important to remember that these screens also needs to be sanitised regularly, in order to provide you with maximum protection against viruses, bacteria and germs.

What locations are our social distance screens used in?

Our social distance screens can be used in a wide range of locations, some of them include the following:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Leisure centres
  • Work places
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Healthcare industry
  • Salons
  • Fitness & Gym Centres
  • and much more

What is the cost of our manufactured social distance screens – COVID19 screens?

The cost of social distance screens depends on the quantity and design. For an accurate price quote, contact us.

Where do we manufacture our social distance screens?

We manufacture our social distance screens in London.


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