The UK government has announced that by 2050 it plans to achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse emissions. This means that from 2025, CO2 emissions from new build homes will be reduced by 75-80% compared to current standards, with an interim requirement to reduce emissions by 30% from June 2022. For windows, this means a maximum allowed U-value of 1.2W/m2K from June 2022, dropping to 0.8W/m2K by 2025.


What are the key factors to consider for your eco-friendly house?


The way you choose your windows and doors can have a big impact on the energy performance of your building. We recommend an ‘entire house’ approach to specification, which considers issues such as:


*It is important to have the right distribution and size of windows, as well as structural shading needs, to fully exploit solar gain across the year. You should also minimize the high summer sun while maximizing energy gain from lower winter sunlight.

*The effect of building orientation, and local shade, on internal light levels – in each room, at different times of day, and over a year

*If you want to achieve the most energy-efficient windows, you’ll want to consider window styles with a greater proportion of glass to the frame.

*The preferred window function is a mixture of opening, fixed, motorised, and sensor-controlled windows that will achieve ventilation & energy targets.


Key advantages of our sustainable window system


–  Slim frames which let you achieve the maximum amount of natural light and solar gain while minimising heat loss through the walls and roof.

– Our thermally broken frames use a non-conductive material to stop heat transfer.

– Double and triple glazed options are available, with identical sightlines, so that a flexible window system can be used to meet precise energy targets and reduce budgets.

– Low U-values for the entire unit – as glass has a lower U-value than the frame, the combined glass/frame U-value must be used for accurate specification.

– Sustainable manufacturing – concerning the environmental and recycling impact of our products.

– Our aluminium windows don’t require painting or repairing. They are maintenance-free.

– We offer solar control glazing which helps you to minimise the effect of solar gain, allowing more glass throughout your home.

– To minimise draughts and avoid ‘thermal bridges’, we use efficient frame seals and low-energy installation techniques.


Contact us about your passive house project, we will be more than happy to fulfill your needs.

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