Our Finest Aluminium Doors

Our Finest Aluminium Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Our Finest Aluminium Doors

Aluminium as a building material enables some of the sleekest and most sophisticated construction options for new-builds and homes with renovations underway. With strength and fortitude built in to our aluminium doors, they’re able to open space onto your patio or into your garden with beautiful one-pane windows. So, whether you’re looking for strong French doors, luxurious bi-folding doors, or simple sliding doors, we’re got your covered with the aluminium door frames that your house requires.

Light and Sturdy

The beauty of aluminium is that it’s a relatively light metal, which we purpose to make a sturdy, reliable door frame. Aluminium is also perfect for holding large panes of expertly-fitted glass, which enables you to do special things with the rooms that face out onto your garden.

Aluminium doors are also a cheaper and more robust option than timber-frame doors, which can be more likely to require repairs in the months and years of their use. By opting for our reliable and robust aluminium door frames, you will not have to worry about maintenance, knocks, or paint chips damaging your wonderful doors.

Door Options

When we use aluminium as a frame for our doors, we can perform wonders for your home. Bringing a classic feature to your downstairs rooms, our French doors – at once rustic and beautifully chic – will help you entertain guests in your garden each summer.

Meanwhile, for those with a penchant for modernist architecture and an experimental attitude towards their doors and windows, the bi-folding aluminium door offers incredible aesthetic options for your home, in an avant-garde style. With a number of frames folding against one another, this is a knock-out option for those looking to impress guests in their home.

Finally, the humble sliding door – simple to install, wonderfully practical, and perfect for smaller homes – enables your family easy access to your outside space, while remaining totally energy-efficient, too. 

Why Aluminium?

Door frames that make use of aluminium’s durability and versatility open doors, so to speak, to new worlds of interior and exterior design. These frames allow you to plan exciting new spaces in your home, and to combine your garden more seamlessly with your interior spaces, by enabling a generous, two-door opening into your outside space from your living room. Remember, too, that the most adventurous home designers can add bi-folding aluminium doors to make one whole wall of their home glass – with up to 94% glass cover – making for truly spectacular light and space in your home.

Environmental Concerns

In the modern era, it’s only natural for you to worry about the environmental repercussions of installing aluminium doors in your home. Happily, we have done the hard work for you, testing our door frames for energy efficiency over many years to refine our offers down to those which are most energy-efficient for your home. That means that what with glazing options on your glass panes, and excellent fitting materials holding that glass in place against your aluminium door frames, the energy efficiency of your home will remain first-class.

We’re passionate about fitting the right aluminium doors in your property – so do get in touch with our experts after browsing through the options you see on our website.

Our Aluminium Doors

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