Bi-Folding Doors

Cortizo Bi-Fold System

Bi-fold system with Thermal Break specially designed to cover large gaps with the most avant-garde aesthetic.

Bi-Fold doors offer a unique way of living in any home. Not only can you transform the entire wall into a beautiful glass wall where glass covers up to 94% of the surface, but you can also enjoy top of the line insulation.

The visible sections are just 73 mm and can be installed inlay with the lateral and top frames.
All external bi-fold doors are reinforced with stainless steel channels that make it easy to roll the panes with ease. The best bi fold doors has available are designed to have multiple lock systems, and are incredibly energy efficient.

Bifold doors have many benefits. The first being that there are less intrusions to your light and view. Made of aluminium these doors are robust but lightweight, whereas wooden bi fold doors offer timeless design and appeal even in modern homes.
The best advantage of aluminium bi fold doors is the ability to easily roll them out from a locked position to open up your whole home to the garden and beyond.

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