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Choose our aluminium sliding doors to ensure an excellent entrance way to your garden. This is also an excellent solution if you are looking to add natural light into your residential or commercial property. Aluminium sliding doors are great a providing the illusion that there is more space in any given area. Aluminium framed sliding doors come highly recommended because of their strength and durability. Our aluminium sliding doors are 94% glass surface, which allows you to achieve the maximum luminosity.

What types of aluminium sliding doors do we distribute in London and across the UK?

We distribute the following types of aluminium sliding doors:

Slimline sliding doors distribution company

These aluminium sliding doors offer a seamless connection between property and garden. They have minimal frames and flush floor finish. Our slimline sliding doors are a great way to open up your space, when there is little of it to begin with.

Cor Vision Plus aluminium sliding door distributor

These aluminium sliding doors are the perfect option for minimalists. They will suit any property that has a modern or industrial look. They are a great solution for large dimensions. Furthermore, they will sit firmly within the property without jutting out.

What makes our aluminium sliding doors stand out from others on the market?

There are a number of reasons why our aluminium sliding doors stand out in comparison to others on the UK market. Some of those reasons include:

  • High quality
  • Affordable prices
  • Constant improvement and innovation of our aluminium sliding doors
  • Large assortment of sliding doors
  • We are experts in manufacturing, supplying and installing sliding doors on the English market.

What are some benefits of installing sliding doors?

There are several benefits of installing sliding doors, some of them include the following:

Save space

A sliding door is not attached to hinges, therefore, you do not have worry about the amount of space that is needed when that door is being opened or closed.

More natural light 

Sliding doors are generally made of out glass, thus giving the illusion of more space and not too mention, providing you with more natural light.

Design versatility 

Sliding doors are not only great from a practical stand point but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Our sliding doors are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Some these design options include straight sliding, folding and round the corner sliding doors.

What is the cost of purchasing aluminium sliding doors from a local distributor?

The cost of purchasing our aluminium sliding doors will vary depending on the amount and the style that you select. For more information on the price of purchasing aluminium sliding doors from a distributor, contact us.

Aluminium sliding door distributor near me:

We distribute our aluminium sliding doors for our customers in London and across the UK.

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