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Internal steel doors work perfectly as entry doors to and from the garden. Because our interior steel doors have 94% glass surface it connects the outside with the inside by bringing in natural sunlight, whilst keeping out the chilly breeze. Internal steel doors also can create an illusion that a space is bigger than it really is. This is partly why it is ideal for smaller living areas. Internal steel doors are also strong, durable, are easy to maintain, and have an amazing thermal performance. Since our company is a London internal steel doors supplier we have experience when it comes to determining the quality of products, we therefore ensure our customers that the internal steel doors are of the best quality and have a long lifespan.

Internal steel doors retain heat and keep out the cold. The internal steel doors thermal performance is unlike any other. It is greatly weatherproof and fireproof.
Steel is an exceptionally strong metal which is why there is no need for bulky supporting frames, the doors themselves provide enough protection.

Where can builders install aluminium internal steel doors?

Internal steel doors can be installed in various areas in your property. Some popular choices of installing internal steel doors include:

  • Internal steel doors for the kitchen
  • Internal steel doors to your deck / terrace
  • Internal steel doors to your garden
  • Internal steel doors at the front of your home
  • Internal steel doors for bedrooms
  • Internal steel doors for the dining room
  • Internal steel doors to create separate rooms

In what way do internal steel doors differ from regular wooden doors?

There are multiple differences between wooden and steel doors, the quality of steel doors is generally much better because of the strength of the materials. Steel is stronger than wood meaning that it will not warp or crack when impacted by strong forces.
Internal steel doors are a good choice for everyone because they are:

  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Weather resistant
  • Safe
  • and many other amazing qualities

Our online shop consists of multiple different internal steel doors designs, which is why our experienced team can help you match your doors to the overall look of your house so that it all ties together.

Features of our internal steel doors:

1. Solid hot rolled steel profiles
2. Classic “Stepped leg” design
3. Material thickness up to 5 mm
4. Self-adhesive non-shrinking gaskets
5. Accommodates low emissivity double-glazing up to 27 mm
6. Choice of different glazing beads
7. Compatible with tilt and turn fittings
8. Fixed glazing, single-sash and double-sash, side-hung and bottom-hung windows opening inwards and outwards, top-hung, vertical and horizontal pivoting windows, window and doors opening inwards and outwards

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