Why Choose Timber Windows?

Why Choose Timber Windows?

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Why Choose Timber Windows?

The look and feel of a timber window frame combines a timeless British charm with the practicality of a variety of different window mechanisms. Buried within each window, we use our modern, cutting-edge technology to ensure that the frames of your windows – and the glazed panes themselves – are perfect for insulation, too – great for your energy bills, and super for the environment. Fitting timber windows on your property is simple and easy, and our framing experts know plenty of reasons why you should fit such frames on your existing home, or your new build, today.

Wonderful Aesthetic

Timber windows benefit from a long history of use throughout British homes. From the cottages and farmhouses of the 16th century, through to the manor houses and estates of the Victorian era, the timber frame has been a staple of the British home for centuries – only recently finding a challenger in PVC window frames, which tend to look cheap in comparison to a well-fitted timber frame.

Moreover, you will have a variety of styles to pick from when you are choosing from your timber frame. For those who love to bathe their room in fresh air, an upwards-sliding sash window is a modern option for timber frames, while windows subdivided by glazing bars, named casement windows, provide more of a classy, cottage-style aesthetic for your home. These open outwards from hinges on the frame and can be combined with shutters on the outside of your home.

Diverse Options

With a timber frame, you are not only getting the best of historical British construction materials and methods: you are also free to enjoy a wide range of classy, attractive, and practical window options for your home. Whether that means replacing your ugly PVC window frames or installing elegant windows on a house under construction, you have a pleasant variety of options when you are shopping for timber window frames.

Look through our website to see the window formats we are most passionate about – perfect for any type of building. Remember that, while the style of a timber window might be old-fashioned and traditional, we inject our modern technology into each frame and each pane of glass to ensure we are conserving the heat within your home.

Environmental Responsibility

In modern home design, it is crucial that we are kind to the environment as we build our communities. That is why we use only sustainably sourced timber, from sustainable forests in the UK, which are selected based on their quality and the fineness of their grain. A natural insulator, when timber is selected in this way, it serves to help protect your home from damp, cold and drafts from window frames.

Timber frames are also more traditional than modern PVC window options and benefit from being a natural construction material rather than plastic. And you will not need to worry about your energy rating slipping when we install your timber windows: we’re careful to use smart, modern installation practices, and the finest joining materials, to ensure your home is well insulated all year round.

Shop our range of timber windows to enjoy modern energy-saving benefits, traditional designs, and a wonderful natural feel to the windows in your home. 

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