What Home Architects Want You to Know About Your Planned Extension

What Home Architects Want You to Know About Your Planned Extension

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Extending your property can be a reliable way to increase your home value and enhance your liveability. It will also allow you to create extra living space without the hassle and costs involved with moving to a new property. This makes extensions a highly popular renovation project for many homeowners. However, adding a home extension is a big job, and you must carefully plan all of the details to ensure that you achieve the desired result. If you are considering adding an extension to your home, then here are some of the critical things that home architects want you to know about your planned extension.

You must be patient

A home extension is not going to happen overnight, and patience is the key to achieving the best possible outcome. The average time needed to plan and construct a home extension is around three months for a simple design and approximately six months for a larger extension. Although, you should be aware that this timescale may be much longer if your proposed project is more complex or requires you to gain planning permission or building control approval. With that in mind, you must be patient when it comes to your home extension and avoid rushing the work, or you risk having an unsatisfactory result.

You must research design styles

Extending your property is a significant investment, so you must take the time to choose a design that you will like long-term. You must also pick a style that will suit your existing design and appeal to prospective buyers is you decide to sell. Make sure that you avoid building an extension that will clash with the rest of your home and look out of place. Spend some time researching different styles and carefully consider what you like and dislike about various designs. You can visit websites like Houzz and Pinterest to look for inspiration on different home designs and get ideas for your home extension.

You must consider window and door placement

Window and door placement are often overlooked when planning an extension, but it will have a significant impact on the overall design of your home. Firstly, you must consider which direction you want your windows to face. It is worth remembering that windows that face south, east, or west tend to have more sunlight and natural warmth. On the other hand, north-facing windows typically have less natural sunlight meaning they should be well-insulated. Once you have decided on the direction your windows and doors will face, you will need to experiment with various shapes and styles. Again, it is essential to choose a design that will flow with the rest of your home and create an aesthetic appeal.

Final thoughts

Completing a home extension offers multiple benefits and can be an excellent way for homeowners to add space and improve their living enjoyment, without the need to relocate. If you are considering extending your home, then be mindful of the above and be sure to plan your extension project thoroughly to ensure the best outcome.

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