Our projects

High standard of our work is something we are all very proud of and want to share it with our clients to show them how, with our help, their properties can be transformed in terms of aesthetics and atmosphere. We present to you a range of projects we have finished thus far, which can be characterised by their diversity, uniqueness, stunning style and technological advancement.

You can find here examples of flat roof skylights installed on very diverse types of properties: house extensions, new buildings as well as refurbished structures. Their sizes differ from the tiniest to considerable ones, which proves that the rooflights, with proper adjustments, can be installed virtually everywhere.

The projects also show different types of flat roof windows we can prepare for your building. We have created and installed the simplest products with only one glass units, more advanced with a glass divider as well as the largest and the most advanced products consisting of several glass dividers and manufactured according to highly unusual spatial requirements.

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