Sash windows

Wouldn’t you like to have lovely traditional windows that are both elegant and efficient? If you look for a combination of classic style and high functionality, our double glazed sashes are the solution for you. Thanks to our own patented draught-proof system, they will protect you from cold, rain and outside noises, reducing your electricity bills and making your rooms much cosier. Additionally, every product is fitted with ventilation locking for the safety of your children and pets.

All our sash windows are bespoke and made to fit individual, even the most demanding requirements. We work with acknowledged timber suppliers who provide both hardwoods and softwoods of the best standards. As a result the materials we use are of the highest quality and durability, which translates into the excellence of our every product.
What is more, by using vacuum impregnation technology we ensure that the wood is waterproof and protected from decay, as we always aim at manufacturing long-lasting, high quality solutions.

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