Building regulations compliance

All new buildings and extensions have to comply with building regulations. The following is a brief summary of the regulations that apply to windows and doors in England and Wales. Doors and windows offered by DM Window Solutions are built to British standards or better.

Document B – Fire Safety
Certain windows in a house must be able to open wide enough for use as a means of fire escape. Choose from French windows, false mullions, and hinges that open to 90°.

Document E – Resistance to the Passage of Sound
All our windows have excellent acoustic performance. We also offer a range of acoustic glass for locations that demand enhanced sound reduction.

Document F – Ventilation
To achieve the appropriate level of ventilation you can install background ventilators such as air bricks, or window trickle vents combined with extractor fans.

Document L – Conservation of Fuel and Power
Even if the regulations didn’t exist, it makes sense to cut your energy consumption by installing energy efficient windows. In our case, however, the performance of our standard windows goes significantly beyond the requirements of Document L.

Document M – Access to and Use of Buildings
If you need doors for disabled access (generous openings and low thresholds), we can make them to your requirements.

Document N – Glazing
If windows or doors contain low-level glass (anything less than 800mm above the floor), it must be toughened or laminated glass.

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