When it comes to installation, regardless whether you wish us to install skylight(s) or you have another company to do it, we are not selling ready upstands at the moment. Therefore, the upstand would have to be prepared prior to the scheduled installation. For builders wishing to assemble an upstand and secure a skylight on top, we are happy to provide free of charge advise. Please, do contact us for more detailed information.

Below you can find examples of the properly prepared upstand after finishes:

Upstand_example_03 Upstand example close-up Upstand examples

To make a bespoke skylight for you in a correct size, we need to know the overall kerb size after finishing (including waterproof roof covering as felt, asphalt, bitumen, GRP, etc.).
We’d like to give you further recommendations for the upstand to be prepared for our Flat Roof Windows:
  • Recommended minimum kerb height – 150mm to avoid invalidating roof guarantees.
  • Fully weathered structural kerb must provide a secure fixing point and support for rooflights.
  • There can’t be any steps or undulations on the top surface that exceed more or less 2mm.
  • Minimum kerb thickness – 75mm.
  • Recommended pitch on kerb – 5-12 degrees.
  • Recommended pitch on kerb for flat roof windows exceeding 2000m in length – 10-12 degrees.


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