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Rooflights for flat roofs

Our high performance skylight is a perfect solution for properties with flat roofs or a slope no more than 35 degree. They are designed using a unique aluminium profile with a double-glazing unit of your choice and a set of weatherseals to make an integral, one piece rooflight. It’s powder coated in any colour of your choice. Our skylight is ideal for letting maximum light flood into any building. At the same time it provides clean, minimalist finish both inside and outside. The flush, frameless design ensures efficient drainage of rainwater to prevent pooling as well as makes a very appealing, contemporary impression. No internal frames or glazing bars are present which could reduce visible light and/or create insulation cold spots. Condensation within the flat roof skylights’ sealed unit is impossible due to the warm edge, non-metallic spacer bar. Our attention to detail, especially with the silicone finish is second to none! Primarily for Clients appreciating top quality products in great prices.


Main features of this product are:

  • The shortest lead time in the UK – 2-3 weeks!
  • Two options: walk-on and standard.
  • Double-glazing, triple-glazing, solar glass, obscure – choice is yours.
  • Low E U-Value of 1.3 W/m²K for the whole window.
  • Made to bespoke sizes up to 6 meters wide.*
  • Stringent quality checks.

The greatest advantages of our skylights are:

  • Amazing energy saving performance thanks to low U-Values.
  • Peace of mind – double safety toughened glass.
  • Maximised light transmission – no intruding glass dividers up to 4 meters. **
  • Effortless – self-cleaning Nano-Shell coat for reduced maintenance with us free of charge.
  • Smart – UV blocking layer prevents damage to furniture and floors.
  • Peace & quiet – glazed units filled with Argon reduce sound (use thermal) transmission.
  • Easy fitting – delivered in one piece.
  • Attention to detail – very careful & flawless silicone coating.
  • Very modern and pleasing look due to simplicity of the design.
  • Flexible installation – we can do it for you, your builder/developer or DIY are the options to consider.

* glass dividers required
** maximum window size of 4000 x 900mm

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