Lead Balance Sash Box Window

Centuries of using the lead balance sash box windows have done nothing to dent the popularity of this type of windows in the UK. If we think about it for a minute, a lot of things went out of fashion since the 17th century. Yet, not the sash box window with pulleys! This phenomenal success story is due to many excellent qualities of the sash window such as the best possibly suited design for the British weather, finely adjustable ventilation with little probability of rain getting inside and appealing aesthetics. By the 18th century, they became exceedingly popular throughout the whole Britain Empire – virtually everyone wanted to have glazed sash windows, from cottages to palaces. Dwellings architecture has changed dramatically since then, but the sash windows are still immensely popular. They simply refuse to die! There seems to be some confusion in historical documents around where the sash box windows, as we know them, were actually invented - in Holland or in Britain. The uncontested fact seemed to be, nonetheless, that they were definitely developed and innovated by the British. The main fact is that now we have the top-one-nation-most-favourite-window-of-all-times, may it live forever!

The best thing about the sash windows that we do at DM Windows is that they are NOT at all different to those back in Victorian and Georgian times. Well, not on the outside, to be precise. Of course, standards regarding performance, thermal efficiency, glass units, treatment for timber and security – they all changed. The funny thing is though that all of those could be innovated, improved and developed depending on the need and the law requirements but these are things that can remain hidden, so to speak. However, none of it changed the immortal looks of the traditional sash window one iota. This is the mark of an ingenious design – one can improve the whole thing without actually changing a thing!


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