Double Glazed Sash Windows

DM Window Solutions offers a robust selection of double glazed sash windows. Using the latest technology, our double glazed windows help you reduce efficiency cost much more than traditional, single glazed windows, while sacrificing none of the looks and charm of old school sash windows. Our windows are created using materials of the highest quality, including the timber of your choice. You can decide on any aspect of the looks of your windows, from the type of wood, through the colour, to the exact shape. Find out for yourself why this type of window is the most commonly used one in the UK with our amazing double glazed sash windows.

With their traditional shape and mechanisms aided with modern technological improvements, sash windows are the style of window found in the UK most commonly. With their classic looks, they are a perfect choice for your home, whether it’s an ultra-modern city flat, or a traditional home in the countryside.

Using the latest technology, we are able to provide you with double glazing for your sash windows, which lets us use two layers of glazing without adding thickness to the glass. Thanks to this, our windows become more energy-efficient, with an increase in efficiency up to 30%. Simply by choosing our windows, you can greatly decrease your energy cost, which is especially crucial in heating months. Our double glazed sash windows are very discreet and easy to maintain, letting you preserve their charm with no hassle.

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