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It’s an unfortunate fact that every year over 4,000 children fall through open windows. This fact compelled to develop a range of child safety window restrictors that meet all current standards and legislation.

The Angel Ventlock® is used by some of the world’s largest window companies. Ventlock® is a registered Trademark in the USA, United Kingdom and the European Union.

The product has been tested to and passed the most stringent International (ASTM F2090-2010) and European (BS EN 14351-1:2006, BS EN 14609:2004) Standards.

European standards define “Safety Restrictors” as follows:

  1. Able to limit the initial opening to 100mm
  2. Be Non Releasable by a child under 5
  3. Where fitted to an egress window the restrictor must not be releasable by an Adult with no prior instruction
  4. Must re-engage automatically
  5. Where fitted to an egress window the restrictor must be locked with a removable key Safety restrictors should be fitted to any accessible opening window where children or adults are at risk of falling out.

An accessible window is defined as one where any part of it is 1500mm or less above floor level.

The international standard defines (2) as having 2 single actions or 1 dual action.

Moving the sash is not one of the actions.

We offer double glazing with Argon filled glass in standard and triple glazing on request, dependant on Building Regulations, Conservation areas and Listed Building Control, all to British Standards. All our windows are supplied with weather seals, ironmongery (satin, chrome, brass) and hardwood windowsill in standard. In addition to that, the sizes and colouring can be tailored to a client specification.

As committed conservationists, we use the best quality timber from managed, sustainable sources. You can choose between softwood and hardwood (oak or meranti). We take extra steps to enhance wood’s naturally tough characteristics. Products are vacuum impregnated to make them more water repellent and to protect against rot, fungal decay and insect attack. Your windows and doors are supplied with a factory finish which guarantees excellent protection and durability.

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