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DM Window Solutions is one of London’s leading manufacturers of sash windows. We offer a wide variety of products, such as traditional sash windows as well as box sash windows, made from wood and other materials. As a trusted London company, we provide our clients with products of the finest quality, crafted with an expert level of craftsmanship.

In our windows, we use the finest technologies to bring together the best characteristics of traditional windows designs and combine them with modern solutions. Our windows come in spring and lead-balanced varieties. We also offer stormproofing and other helpful augments to our windows. Regardless of the options you choose, all of the products prepared by our London company are manufactured using only the best softwood and hardwood from sustainable sources. The unique design of our timber sash or casement windows allows us to achieve a highly elegant, traditional style that still utilises incredible, innovative technological solutions. Among those solutions are:

  • draught-proofing,
  • Secured by Design fasteners,
  • Angel Ventlock®.

They make them very safe and at the same time efficient in terms of heat exchange.


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