DM Cracked Rooflight – External (Walk-On)

DM Cracked Rooflight – External ‘Walk-On’


700mm x 700mm
Highly Energy Efficient Uw=0.9 W/m2K


Product Description

Unique features and advantages:

  • Premium quality – second to none silicone finish
  • Ultimate thermal insulation – Triple glazed ‘Walk-On’ Skylight
  • Stylish – unique glass with a special ‘Cracked’ effect
  • Design – slick, modern and very appealing
  • Energy-saving – triple-glazing, extremely low U-Values
  • Durability – use of double safety toughened glass & powder-coated aluminium
  • Comfort – minimum maintenance due to self-cleaning Nano-Shell coat for the glass
  • Safety – a special layer blocking UV eliminates risk of damage to floors and furniture
  • Quiet – improved sound insulation, glazed units containing Argon
  • Simple installation – pre-assembled
  • This DM Skylight will suit an external upstand distance of … mm x … mm.

Glass Specification:

  • Walk-On Double Safety Glass
  • Triple Toughened Laminated 25mm/20Argon/8mm Toughened Low E with Warm Edge Spacer Bar
  • Self Cleaning Nano Coat applied
  • Glass fitted with Dow Corning® 791 (low modulus) Weatherproofing Silicone Sealant
  • U-Value 1.0W/m²K

This frameless design of the DM Flat Roof Window is both practical and aesthetic, making the water drainage highly efficient and provides clean, modern impression, increasingly popular amongst homeowners. There are no additional elements to reduce the amount of light entering the interior; there are no cold spots in terms of insulation. Potential condensation inside was eliminated thanks to non-metallic, warm edge spacer bar. DM Skylight keeps the heat in during colder months and makes the interiors lighter, happier, even with bad weather outside.


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