About developer solutions

Double glazed sash windows

Our business activity focuses solely on the needs of commercial construction sector. Modern facilities and experience allowed us to gain appreciation as a reliable business partner in this respect. DM Developer Solutions production capabilities make it possible to supply up to 600 double glazed sash windows per month.

DM Developer Solutions’ expertise includes the production, distribution as well as montage of the most popular in London and the UK timber windows. Our bespoke products not only meet, but also exceed the requirements of British Standards in this area.
The sliding sash solutions, we have developed, are characterized by numerous advantages, including:
  1. Solid timber profile – so called engineered wood (multi-laminated timber sections) is used to manufacture them. Due to their bonding together with opposing grains and special stabilization at stress points, the profile is much stronger, thus resistant to twisting and warping over time. Lower quality sashes, which can still be found on the UK market, do not ensure the necessary durability and resistance to climate changes, diverse temperatures and severe weather conditions, as they are fitted with standard joinery solutions (not laminated and inaccurately engineered). As a result they are highly susceptible to expansion/shrinking over time and, as a result, leaks.
  2. Environmentally friendly – timber windows, manufactured from sustainably sourced wood (the trees cut down to produce them are replanted) are naturally much more ecological and friendly to the environment, than solutions made from PVC or metal.
  3. Low U-Values – usually 1, 4 W/m² for the whole timber window (1,1 W/m² K – inner pane). However, any needed U-Value can be achieved, in accordance with individual requirements.
  4. Quality&Low prices – our company has managed to combine both: great quality and amazing prices. We constantly strive to keep the costs as low as possible, thus offer our double glazed sash windows and doors at reasonable prices. As a result of the approach, we did not invest resources in expensive showroom and manufacture all of the products overseas to minimize the expenses. We guarantee our customers, that we will match the price of any sliding sash solution with the same specification and quality range.
  5. Bonus schemes – we have prepared special schemes for developers, shops, architects and other companies, who can count on special financial conditions, appreciated by a growing number of professionals from London and the whole of UK. Regardless of the nature of the project you are currently working on, as long as it involves replacing timber sliding sash windows/doors, purchasing new ones or advising on selecting the best products, our offer will surely be of interest to you.
Feel free to contact us personally, call us or fill in the form on the website. We will gladly answer all of your questions!